Welcome to the JELLYFISH EXPLORER made by: 아보카도AVAO


Jellyfish Looks

Do you know what a jellyfish is? jellyfish are beautiful marine animals that have been around for a long time, they’re bioluminescent. When an animal is bioluminescent that means they glow, isn’t that beautiful? Jellyfish vary in colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, white, Transparent, basically any color! If you were to be in the ocean full of glowing jellyfish, then it’ll look like colorful lanterns floating around. You already know jellyfish sorta look like a plastic bag, but some also may look like a raindrop, all jellyfish look different, if you ever see a jellyfish it’s most likely a moon jellyfish, those are the most common jellyfish. You may think a jellyfish is awfully slow, but the fastest a jellyfish can go is 5 mph, which is surprisingly two times faster than the average swimmer. Are you able to swim that fast? Jellyfish are incredible. It's fun to learn about them!

Jellyfish Anatomy

You already know how a jellyfish is built, or you may think you know jellyfish aren’t just little jellies with tentacles hanging off of them, actually jellyfish have tentacles around its mouth and hang off the mouth, crazy isn’t it? Looks like you don’t know jellyfish as much as you think you do.

The jellyfish is shaped like a bell or umbrella, but the jelly part is called the bell. If you were to look inside the bell then you would see almost nothing, that’s because the jellyfish is 95% water, compared to humans that’s a ton of water (humans are 75% water,)

you may be wondering where the organs are, surprisingly, they have no vital organs! Jellyfish are all a part of a nervous system. The only jellyfish that does have eyes is the box jellyfish. You may be wondering how jellyfish breathe underwater, They don’t have gills, or lungs. Well jellyfish can breathe underwater because they’re 95% water, which causes the oxygen in the water to just cross through the skin and provide oxygen to the jellyfish.

As you already know the jellyfish mouth lies in the middle, and the tentacles are around the mouth, at the end of the bell is called the bell margin. The Jellyfish consist of three layers, the epidermis Mesoglea (the thickest part) And the gastrodermis.

Jellyfish History

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